End of Days – Susan Ee (Penryn and the End of Days #3)

Title: End of Days

Author: Susan Eeend of days image

Genre: Post-apocalyptic, dystopian, drama, action

Thoughts: The final instalment of the trilogy is finally here! I was waiting and waiting and waiting for this book to come out, and here it is!! Ee’s End of Days is a great example of a book that you literally can’t put down. You read it as you get ready for the day, while brushing your teeth, before and after bed every day. It had me hooked. I read the whole book in two days, and they were school days.

End of Days has the same sarcastic humour that the last two books had. The same characters, but somehow, they were made better in this book. The plot is very different from World After and Angelfall with Raffe and Penryn falling into hell. Literally. There they find all sorts of unspeakable horrors and we all find out that Penryn is afraid of maggots. Luckily Raffe saved the day.

Again in this book, the metaphorical ‘vault’ in Penryn’s head gets fuller and fuller as she experiences more and more strong emotions. She reunites with her mother and her sister. The world seems to be getting better. Until she falls into Hell. In the Pit, Raffe’s Watchers are there, and both Penryn and Raffe do the unthinkable. It’s here we find out that Penryn is terrified of maggots.

“Maggots are freaky hideous,’ I say, getting up. I try to salvage some dignity, but I can’t help but shiver and shake my hands in the air. It’s an instinctive impulse, one I’m not up for resisting right now.
‘You’ve fought off a gang of men twice your size, killed an angel warrior, stood up to an archangel, and wielded an angel sword.’ Raffe cocks his head. ‘But you scream like a little girl when you see a maggot?’
‘It’s not just a maggot,’ I say. ‘A hand burst out of the ground and grabbed my ankle. And maggots crawled out of it and tried to burrow into me. You would scream like a little girl too if that happened to you.’
‘They didn’t try to burrow into you. They were just crawling. It’s what maggots do. They crawl.’
‘You don’t know anything.”

This ending wasn’t the best, if you ask me. It might be slightly because I didn’t actually want it to end at all, but all books must. And this one ended way too quickly. When I heard End of Days was coming out, I assumed it would be a big book, with all that’s going on. But no, most of the problems are solved in just 435 pages. And yes I say most for a reason. There is one trouble that doesn’t get solved. But I believe it needs this not-happily-ever-after ending, to match the dystopian mood of the rest of the book. Still, I believe Ee should have done an extra chapter at the end, maybe set 10 years after the book ends to see what’s happening. That would have made it much better.

Why should you read it: If you loved the post-apocalyptic, dystopian setting of ­Angelfall, and you should have, then you will absolutely adore End of Days. It will make you sad, and laugh, and sometimes, like all books, it’ll make you want to yell at the characters in the book. But that happens in all good books, which just backs up my theory that the Angelfall series is one of the best I have read.

Book in a word: Addictive

Rating: 9/10


2 thoughts on “End of Days – Susan Ee (Penryn and the End of Days #3)

  1. Great blog Isis. I love reading too, i enjoy military history, biographies and most other non-fiction. At the moment i am reading Gallipoli by Peter Fitzsimons. I recently read The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, not one I’d normally choose but i enjoyed it. You might like that one.


    • Yes, I have read The Book Thief as well and loved it. I especially like the little facts in bold throughout the story. I enjoyed these quite a bit. I also cried a lot. Probably be reviewing and uploading The Book Thief soon. 😊


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