World After – Susan Ee (Penryn and the End of Days #2)

Title: World After

Author: Susan Eeworld after image

Genre: Post-apocalyptic, dystopia, drama

Thoughts: The amazing sequel to the bestselling Angelfall is here. And it was awesome!! It starts off right in the action with everyone thinking Penryn is dead. Her stitched up sister is holding her hand, her crazy mother is rambling in her made-up language and Raffe is still in shock from seeing Penryn ‘die’. Not to mention having deadly bat-like demon wings sewn on instead of his beautiful snowy white ones.

Also, sarcastic and funny comments are back in book 2. Ee is just great at creating the dark and sinister mood in the right places, but can also change it in an instant to a bright and happy one.

To tell the truth, this book was great but not as good as Angelfall, I just wasn’t into it as much. Still, it’s better than quite a few other books, and still a great read. I’m not sure why I didn’t like it as much. The writing is still amazing, the plot unfolding with unexpected events, and the characters are still generally the same. One reason might have been that most of the book was describing Penryn, her family and where she is, whereas in Angelfall, the book is more about Penryn and Raffe. I liked this feature in book one, especially the never-ending sarcasm between the two. Even though, World After does have a little more of Dee-Dum, which is quite entertaining.

“I’m gonna be sick,” I said
“I’m ordering you not to,” says Obi.
“Ah, don’t say that,” says Dee-Dum. “She’s a born rebel. She’ll puke just to make a point.”

Another thing that is talked about in this book is the ‘vault’ in Penryn’s head. This metaphor describes all the emotions, feelings and things that are going on around Penryn. In the book, she can’t let these things get to her head, as they will distract her from the responsibility of looking after her family. After something happens, or she feels a strong emotion, she will quickly throw it into the ‘vault’ in her head and lock the doors. Penryn can’t afford to open it, as all the memories, emotions and feelings will come flowing out.

The ending of this book, I think is in the right place at the right time. Even though I didn’t really want it to end, I knew there was the final book to come, so I took comfort in that.

Why should you read it: This book is still one of my favourites even though it’s not as good as the first. It was quite a bit of sarcastic humour, as well as some sad, slow-paced events. It still has the amazing Penryn and Raffe as the main heroes, with added ones on the side.

Book in a word: satisfying

Rating: 8/10


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