Fire – Kristin Cashore (Graceling Trilogy)

Title: Fire

Author: Kristen CashoreFire

Genre: young adult, fiction, fantasy

Thoughts: When I first started reading Fire, I was still kind of living in the Graceling world, and so wasn’t really getting into the story. The action and feelings in this novel quickly changed that. This book had so many different feelings coursing through its pages, that after the first few chapters, I literally couldn’t put it down.

Now, to tell the truth, when I finished Graceling, I was so excited about the next book, not realising that it didn’t have the same characters in it. I absolutely loved the way that the characters were progressing in Graceling and was disappointed to find that there would be no mention of them in Fire. So when I started reading it, I wasn’t as interested. But, trust me, if you’re having the same doubts that I had, don’t worry. Read it! I liked it even more than Graceling, and I am now feeling a bit sad that the next book Bitterblue, is about the Graceling characters, not the Fire ones.

“There will be no yelling at people who are bleeding themselves to unconsciousness.”
― Kristin CashoreFire

Basically, Fire is about a half human-half monster named Fire, who can control and influence others minds. She is hated by most people for her differences, and heritage, even though she is lovely and polite. She has been hidden away, right from when she was born, but when a chance arrives to see the wonderful city where she was born, she has to take it. This book explains the feelings and emotions felt by Fire, as she finds ways to deal with her new emotions as well as the old loneliness. All the while preparing for the oncoming war.

“All right,” Clara said. “We have our swordsman, so let’s get moving. Brigan, could you attempt, at least, to make yourself presentable? I know this is a war, but the rest of us are trying to pretend it’s a party.”
― Kristin CashoreFire

I also think that it ends well, even though it is a little sad. It sums up the ending very well, as well as other things throughout the story.

All in all, I believe this book is really, really good, and that I am really going to enjoy the whole trilogy. Kristin Cashore is a very good writer, who captures all the feelings very well within her books.

Why should you read it: If you liked Graceling, then read this one, and if you enjoy reading a fantasy novel, then you will most probably love this book.

Book in a word: Awesome

Rating: 9/10



2 thoughts on “Fire – Kristin Cashore (Graceling Trilogy)

  1. You make me want to read this! I read Graceling a while back and really enjoyed it, but had been put off (without even trying it) by the change of cast. Maybe I should reconsider.


    • Hi Alex,
      I was also a bit put off by the change of characters from Graceling to Fire, but you should definitely read it. You get used to the characters and I liked them even more than the Graceling ones. But, if you absolutely love Katsa and Po, then read Bitterblue, the third book in the trilogy. It is set 8 or 9 years after Graceling and has the same characters


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