Bitterblue – Kristin Cashore (Graceling Trilogy)

Title: BitterblueBitterblue

Author: Kristen Cashore

Genre: young adult, fiction, fantasy

Thoughts: After reading Graceling, I was very excited to see how things had gone after the end of the book. If you are too, then read this book! Bitterblue’s main character is, well, Queen Bitterblue. It’s set 8 or 9 years after Graceling finished, and in case any of you are wondering, yes, Katsa and Po are mentioned and are characters in Bitterblue.

“Katsa and Po were trying to drown each other and, judging from their hoots of laughter, enjoying it immensely.”
― Kristin CashoreBitterblue

As Bitterblue is older now than in Graceling, she can make her own decisions, but her four advisers are keeping her shielded, making sure she is kept busy all day in her tower, with stacks of paper. But, Bitterblue is soon very, very bored, and one night, disguises herself and sneaks out of the castle. There she meets two thieves.

If you’re a reader who enjoys codes, mysteries or puzzles mixed into the book, then this is for you. Bitterblue’s evil father, once King Leck, has written many diaries, and Bitterblue hopes to be able to uncover some secrets about her past. But unfortunately, the diaries are written in a different language, one unknown to everyone. There are also messages written in tapestries and Bitterblue’s list of “unknowns” that she keeps. These provide readers with a little challenge and mystery.

“Teddy grinned again. ‘Truths are dangerous,’ he said.
‘Then why are you writing them in a book?’
‘To catch them between the pages,’ said Teddy, ‘and trap them before they disappear.’
‘If they’re dangerous, why not let them disappear?’
‘Because when truths disappear, they leave behind blank spaces, and that is also dangerous.”
― Kristin CashoreBitterblue

Kristin Cashore also likes to make her characters a little funny, especially sarcastic. Bitterblue has no problem with low confidence, so she does make a few little snappy responses throughout the book. Also, Cashore has added a little surprise in the end. I won’t reveal it, but I definitely liked it. It finished it off nicely. The whole book, I was wondering if it was going to happen, and yes it did. Now you have to read it to find out what it is!!

“His name was Death. It was pronounced to rhyme with “teeth”, but Bitterblue liked to mispronounce it by accident on occasion.”
― Kristin CashoreBitterblue

Why should you read it: Like I said in the before, if you like little mysteries, codes and unknowns in the story, then you should like this one. You don’t have to read Graceling or Fire to be able to read Bitterblue, but it would help to have an understanding of Gracelings, and the back story of Leck. If you liked Cashore’s other two books, then you will like this one

Book in a word: Brilliant

Rating: 8/10


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