The Thief of Always – Clive Barker

Now before I start this review, I am going to start by saying sorry for taking so long. I went on holiday, and didn’t have much time for reading, much less review any books, and since I got back, I have again, not been reading too much at all. I was recommended this book by my Aunty, and really really liked it, so decided to share it with you…

 thief of always

Title: The Thief of Always

Author: Clive Barker

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Thoughts: I actually could not put this book down; it was so fast. Something happened every chapter, and the whole book was jam-packed full of mysteries, questions, and action. I wasn’t sure what I going to find when I opened it, but when I read the first line, I knew it was going to be different.

“The great grey beast February had eaten Harvey Swick alive.” 
Clive BarkerThe Thief of Always

 Harvey Swick is the main character, is he is bored out of his mind of everything. A mysterious flying man comes and offers him a break in the Holiday House. Harvey doesn’t mean to stay long, but the pleasures and fantasies of the holiday house soon have him staying longer than he should. Harvey is the brightest soul the House has seen in many many years and it doesn’t want to give him up just yet.

Normally, when a book is so full of action, is seems to lack in other aspects, and go too fast, but The Thief of Always was an exception. I read it in two days, the first one saying ‘I’ll just try the first chapter.’ I read about ten chapters that day. On the second day it was staring at me while I was doing homework, so I let myself read one chapter. I finished the book. It was just too intriguing. The sentences were written in a different but very cool style, and it was very descriptive, meaning I could imagine everything that was happening clearly. The copy that I read also had the author’s original illustrations throughout it, which also helped me picture it.

“Evil, however powerful it seemed, could be undone by its own appetite.”
― Clive BarkerThe Thief of Always

The dark fantasy genre was another interesting feature. It seemed like the book was written for children, because of the easy read, but then meant to be read by older teens or even adults. I think almost anyone would enjoy the story. Barker seemed to be able to weave little dark, evil, sometimes gruesome details into an otherwise quite pleasant story. And that was what made it the book it was. I completely agree with the Publishers weekly on this one. “Barker puts the dark side back into childhood fantasy.”

“We’re both thieves, Harvey Swick. I take time. You take lives. But in the end we’re the same: both Thieves of Always.” 
Clive BarkerThe Thief of Always 

Why should you read it: Like I said, this book is for anyone. It’s got the charm of a children’s fantasy, intertwined with the sinister magic and evil characters that anyone would love.

Book in a Word: Lightning-Paced

Rating: 9/10