Sorry for the break!!

School is just so time-consuming, isn’t it? I mean, I’m at school 5 days a week, and then there’s homework each night, and now assignments to write and exams to study for!! It’s too much!… And because of this, I can’t even find time to read, let alone review a book.

So, sorry everyone, for not posting in a while, I’ve had no time at all. But don’t give up hope yet. I’ve just finished The Rain, and will be posting a review in (hopefully) no time at all. Definitely check every now and again for a new review from me, and please don’t be afraid to comment!! I’m always up for a chat! 🙂

Currently reading an oldie – Fahrenheit 451… The first sentence hooked me in, so a review on that will be coming up soon as well.

Hope everyone is well, and make sure you keep on reading!



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