Bookfest Time!!!


Another year has passed, meaning the first of the Lifeline Bookfests is here! From January 14, to January 26, you can find literally millions of books here in Brisbane. I went on the opening day (braving the crowds), and managed to find a lovely selection of books for myself, and the rest of my family as well. This year the haul added to a grand total of 44 books, which I think is quite impressive. Nothing on last year’s 90, of course, but still enough to be asking for a new bookshelf.



Here’s a picture of the collection. I found lots of Robin Hobb books, a Diana Wynne Jones one, and even found a few of the original hardcover Harry Potters. We’ve started a collection. And of course, you can’t leave the Bookfest without a heap of individual books that caught your eye while there. So, if you’re in the area, don’t hesitate to go have a look. It’s awesome!! And if you aren’t in Brisbane, there are bookfests/fairs across Australia, and probably around the world as well. Keep your eyes peeled for these sort of events, because they are amazing, and all for a good cause as well. What could be better?



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