New Philip Pullman Series!!!!

One of my clearest memories of reading in Primary School, is me being the first person to go and sit down in the middle of the floor, pull out my three-in-one, otherwise known as massive, His Dark Materials book, and start reading. It was so big that I didn’t have to hold the pages down at all, they sort of just fell. I loved Lyra Belacqua, and each of the character’s respective daemons. My favourite story from His Dark Materials was The Subtle Knife, which is actually when I learnt what the word ‘subtle’ meant – as well as how to say it…

So, when I get a message with a link about Philip Pullman, and a new series, naturally I got excited, and had to read it straight away. And it’s goooooood… An entire new epic fantasy trilogy, by the name of The Book of Dust. First book is released on 19 October, and I’m very glad he’s continuing the story with Lyra, because I liked her. Pretty sure I’ll have to re-read his other trilogy though, because to be honest, I don’t remember much at all.

All I know is this: titles are unknown as of yet, and the plot is a heavily guarded secret. Apparently, Pullman has already finished the first two novels, and is working hard on the third, but we don’t get to read it until October. 😦 Lyra returns to the series, first as a baby, and then again when she’s older, at 20 years old. The series also revolves around Dust, which fans of the original trilogy will know all about.

For more information, go to this link, which is where I found out all information myself:





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