Follow Me!!

Hey everyone, how are you all?? First part of the week is over, lets look forward to the weekend!! 🙂 So, around two weeks ago now, I started up an Instagram account for The Book Goddess, and yesterday I realised that I haven’t really told anyone. So, here we are, I’m making it known, if you’d like to follow me on my new account, the name is below.

I usually post every day, and its basically pictures of what’s been happening that day. I take them all myself, and have been having a lot of fun playing around with different props, set-ups, and filters. I’ve already got 32 followers, and hopefully this will go up soon!! When I post on my site, I’ll link to it on Instagram, and I also usually link on Facebook as well. I really hope more people will be able to see what I’m doing and reading, and anything else bookish, so I’m just trying to open up different methods of publicity.

Really appreciate when people like and comment on posts and reviews, and of course when I get a follow. So don’t forget:


Facebook: The Book Goddess (username:


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