Hello again Bookworms!!

I apologise for being really inactive on my blog at the moment. I’ve really only been posting reviews, and wrap-ups, which is alright I guess, but this year I really wanted to post bit more. So, here I am, doing a little life-update.

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My friends and I spent a day in the city yesterday (Brisbane), and bought a couple of books, as well as some other little things from the mall. Also during the trip, we stopped in at the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA), which is what the pictures are of above. I just love the atmosphere at GOMA, and each of the art pieces. Many of them, because they are more modern, are a bit hard to understand, but with the right attitude and reading the statements above each piece, you can really appreciate them. And they’re all nice to look at as well.

After we left GOMA, it was time for a little shopping along the Queen St Mall, stopping in to shops here and there. Along the way, the topic of books was brought up, and after that, we just couldn’t stop. Since starting this blog, and my bookstagram account, I’ve heard of so many new books, and whether they have good reviews or bad. And so, yesterday, I passed on some of my newly-found wisdom to my friends. I convinced them to read some books I absolutely loved, introduced them to some new ones, and they did the same for me. All in all, it was a good fun conversation, that lasted for quite some time.

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Once we started looking in stores, and found the book section however, I found that the conversation would have probably been best to have after shopping. This is because, we found every. single. book. that we spoke about. And did I have enough money to buy them all? Nope. I had to force myself to look the other way while I purchased my one novel, leaving all the others behind. Don’t worry though… I will be back…

Now onto the exciting part!! While the rest of the day had been lovely, there is just something magical about bookstores, isn’t there? And especially this bookstore. In the hour we had to kill before catching our train home, one of my friends pulled up google maps, and searched for local bookstores. (What great bookworms we are!!) And the closest one that came up was Archives Fine Books. After she said the name, I realised that I had actually been there before, and basically just started walking there straight away, no hesitation at all. Here are some pics:

Who could resist going there??! Definitely not me! If anyone’s ever in Brisbane, be sure to check it out. (40 Charlotte St, Brisbane City QLD 4000)

And there we go, my little life update is just about over. Other than shopping in the city, I’ve been camping, so there’s been very little time for reading. I’m still not even halfway through The Goldfinch, so I’d best get onto that. The April Wrap-Up is looking a bit bare at the moment.

Have fun reading!!





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