Nineteen years later…

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Time to do a little Harry Potter appreciation post. Because of course it doesn’t get enough of that already… Oh well, after yesterday, I simply had to write something about it. Who else caught the date?? I’ll give you a hint… the 1st September 2017…

…is nineteen years later exactly, from the end of the Harry Potter books!! At 11 o’clock, Albus Severus, along with the Potter and Granger-Weasley families, would be on Platform 9 3/4, awaiting the Hogwarts Express. Isn’t that crazy? This is it! The last ever reference from the initial HP books…ever! I feel like the world is now moving on from this giant, magical era.

What made these books so amazing??

I’ve thought about this many times before, and have actually reached the conclusion that it’s not because of the writing. Before you get mad at me for accusing J.K. Rowling of a bad author, let me clarify: Harry Potter isn’t badly written, in fact it’s fantastic, especially for younger readers. But, in saying that, I’ve read a lot of other things that have much better language and writing, and haven’t got half as much popularity as HP.

I think that the allure of Harry Potter comes from the sheer magical imagination that Rowling had. The enchanting Diagon Alley, with it’s magical moving-brick doorway. Intelligent owls swooping into the Great Hall, dropping mail onto the laps of wizards and witches. Flying cars, flying broomsticks, flying snitches, it was all so amazing. To watch it of course made everything more real, but the first read of it was a truly fascinating experience. I think it’s due time I re-read them all actually…

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It was also that it was so big. The first book set everything up – setting, plot, characters, got everything started. And then, book after book, they just kept coming, with a new story in each one, adding characters, adding experiences, right up until Deathly Hallows, and it all comes together. So much planning would have had to gone into this series, to make sure everything played out in the end.

I think that’s what made it so impressive. Also that there really wasn’t anything like it at the time. Nowadays, all the magic type stories are said to be based on Harry Potter (which I don’t really agree with), but when HP was first released, it would have been so original. At least, I don’t really know of any other magic schools for witchcraft and wizardry from before it’s time. a4e103f38784490e2e41930f1043bca1

And to think, when I first began this series, I didn’t like it. Who knew that I would become just slightly-obsessed with its story. For me, it’s quite hard to believe what the world would be like without it. Luckily, we also have movies, and plays, and more movies to continue its legacy. While the world is moving on, continuing the story with characters such as Albus Severus, and Newt Scamander (Don’t get me wrong, I love Fantastic Beasts), I will never forget the wonder, and lure, and magic of Harry Potter. I hope you don’t either.



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